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Chlorhexidine Gluconate – Effectively Treats Gingivitis

Sodium Fluoride – Reduces Acidogenesis & Development Of Caries

Zinc Chloride – Astringent Action – Reduces Bad Breath &                                     Shrinks Inflammed Gingival Tissue

Provides Better Taste In Mouth


200  ml Pack


Chlorhexidine Gluconate         0.20% w/v
Sodium Fluoride I.P.               0.05%w/v
Zinc Chloride I.P.                   0.09% w/v


  • Acute Oral Mucosal & Gingival Infection
  • After Periodontal Or Oral Surgery & During Healing Period
  • As An Adjuvant To Normal Mechanical Brushing
  • Post Sub- Gingival Scaling & Root Planning

Direction For Use

Rinse Vigorously with 10ml Solution Around Teeth & Gums for 1 minute And Then Spit Out.